Building the BMW iX3 – A tour of BMW's space-age China factory

Could the new BMW iX3 be the car to take them to the next electric level? Elliot heads to their factory in China to find out.

BMW have been making cars for decades and got off to a strong electric start with the i3 and i8, but since then they’ve been a little quiet. Until now.

Elliot visits the BMW Brilliance factory in Shenyang, China, to see the manufacturing process of their new iX3, their first all electric car. This will be a significant car for BMW, and the UK version currently being produced in this factory will arrive in a few months when we’ll review it in full.

BMW clearly have a strong electric ambition and it’s particularly interesting to see a legacy automakers production process of EVs alongside their ICE counterparts, in a factory that is powered 100% by renewable energy. Could the iX30 be the car to take BMW to the next electric level?


0:00 BMW Brilliance
1:28 Strong start
2:00 Global iX3 production
2:44 EV next to ICE
3:02 Robotic zoo
4:50 Shipped & flipped
5:58 300-400 cars a day
7:30 Calm & quiet
8:26 Mix & match
9:59 Mega robots
11:07 Body & battery
12:41 End of the line
13:23 100% renewable
14:18 Significant car
15:27 Subscribe, support, join

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