BMW iX3 Review – Almost the best Electric SUV?

Jack checks out the new BMW iX3 and is not quite sure what to make of this new luxury SUV.

It’s taken BMW 9 years to bring us their second electric car offering following the 2013 i3, but is the new iX3 any good? Unlike the i3, which was one of the first pure electric cars to come from legacy car makers, the iX3 looks just like their X3 ICE car, but with a battery.

The iX3 is a big, heavy SUV but it’s enjoyable to drive, is very comfortable and when it comes to range, you get a lot of bang for you buck as this car is super efficient. It has all the luxury you would expect from a BMW but it’s also a very sensibly powered electric family car and we applaud them for understanding not all electric cars have to be jaw-droppingly fast.

We’re a bit torn with this car – we really like it, it’s easy and pleasant to drive, but it’s missing those EV benefits you get if you design an electric car from the ground up. What do you think?


0:00 Introduction
2:10 BMW’s electric story
3:20 What’s going on?
3:57 Electric ‘bits’
4:42 Pretty good looking
5:30 Hans Zimmer score
6:25 Feels BMW-ish
7:35 Passed the Jack test
8:34 Super efficient
9:49 Rear wheel drive
10:50 Need for speed
11:55 Familiar interior
14:18 Magic hands
15:17 Two conclusions
17:37 Want full EV experience
19:16 There we go!

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