Batteries, Bicycles & Biscuits – Can we harness human energy?

Helen visits Energym who are looking at innovative ways that they can harness human energy using specially designed exercise bikes in this new episode.

We know energy is never used up and shifts from one form to another, but what if humans could harvest the energy they generate into something useful?

Helen visits the University of Birmingham to find out how Energym are developing technology that places humans as part of the world’s energy flow using specially designed exercise bikes. These bikes capture and convert the energy from workouts into clean, usable, renewable power that can be taken away and used.

Could your spin class generate enough energy to power your laptop for the day or even power the gym itself? Could humans actually form a valuable part of the renewable energy solution and get fit at the same time? If this is a vision of the future, we are pretty excited.

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0:00 Introduction
1:04 Energy shifts
1:49 Human energy flow
2:29 Collecting wasted energy
3:04 Workout power
4:18 Sweat Coin
4:58 Energy biscuits
6:06 How does it work?
7:07 Portable power
8:34 Earn your power
9:14 Go Helen!
9:45 Gaby Homer
10:44 How much can we harvest?
11:24 Biscuit powered laptops
12:15 Spin class power
13:22 Retrofit
14:10 Reuse & recycle
15:26 Subscribe, support, join

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