Baojun E300 Plus: How cheap is this EV from General Motors?

In this episode, Fully Charged’s East Asian correspondent, Elliot Richards, took the opportunity to take the bizarre-looking Baojun E300 Plus out on the roads around Shanghai.

Beyond its initial appearance the driving experience and the technology is more feature-rich than we might have expected for a car that costs as little as $9,700. The E300 does have its shortcomings of course and the braking in particular came in for sharp criticism. When it comes to core statistics the Baojun E300 Plus has a 31.9kWh battery, an NEDC range of 190 miles – not unrealistic when city-only driving – and can be fully charged from empty in one hour.


0:00  Introduction to the Baojun E300 Plus
1:26  General Motors Joint Venture with SAIC & Wuling
2:09  Amazing Aesthetics
2:57  Super Small, But No Storage
3:36  Functional Interior, Great Visibility
4:10  Back Seat Squeeze
4:48  Power & Price
6:01  Simple Driving Experience
8:00  Realistic Range for City-Only Driving
9:00  Best Thing About The Baojun
9:25  A Few Shortcomings
11:08  Summary of a City Car
11:41  More to Come from China
11:54  Subscribe & Support

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