Bankrupting Fossils, EV Taxes & ZETA 2030

Robert returns with his reactions to some recent news stories including the UK government’s 10 point plan for a green industrial revolution, Australia’s new EV taxes and urges you to take the Fully Charged survey on clean energy & EVs.

There’s also positive news from America with the launch of ZETA (Zero Emission Transportation Association) which brings together those who support the goal that by 2030 all new vehicle sales will be electric. Finally, Robert is excited by the recent report from RethinkX which demonstrates how renewable energy will completely disrupt the utility industry by 2030. If you’re looking for positive news with some accents, rants and sound effects thrown in then you won’t be disappointed!

Links to stories featured


0.00  Lots of non-car news
0:27  New survey
1:10  Cup of tea while charging?
2:01  UK’s 10 Point Plan
3:10  2022 – no new house with gas boiler
3:25  Gas boiler U-turn
4:17  Battery production, nuclear power
5:25  Funding – smoke & EV mirrors
5:52  Time for a rant?
7:08  Caravan club
8:12  Charging infrastructure rapidly improving
8:34  Tax chat
9:37  Aussie accent incoming
9:57  ZETA
11:00  Energy consumption lesson
12:15  Electric aviation challenge
13:31  Bonus sound effects
13:48  RethinkX report
15:19  – Renewables – you don’t have to pay for the fuel!
16:12  Patreon shout outs
17:02  Subscribe, support and join

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