Awake Electric Surfboards & AIM ZERO

In the second of Andy’s Swedish Trilogy he tries out the impressive Awake Electric Surfboards!

Whilst we usually talk about the application, functional use and emissions benefits of EVs – some EVs are just for fun! In the second of his Swedish trilogy, Andy Torbet meets with Awake Boards who have developed some incredible, fully electric surfboards.

These boards work via a hand control and have a choice of batteries that can be easily fitted with the bigger battery giving up to 1 hour of riding time. Whilst these boards are aimed at the high end market, Awake are using the technology to work on more functional search and rescue equipment. They’re also part of the AIM ZERO project in Sweden along with CAKE bikes, X-Shore boats & Polestar. But the real question is how many times will Andy fall off??

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0:00  Swede Ride
1:15  Aim Zero Marine Conservation initiative
1:58  About Awake
2:35  How does it work?
4:03  Instruction Time!
6:28  Batteries, Ride Time & Recharging
7:49  More on Aim Zero
8:11  Target Market
9:02  Time to Fall Off!
11:37  Subscribe & Support

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