Aptera – this Hyper-Efficient 'Car' Costs HALF as much as a Model 3!

Jack is in Southern California to check out a vehicle that is by far the EV most requested by you, our wonderful subscribers – the Aptera.

With an otherworldly design, unparalleled efficiency and a jaw-droopingly reasonable price tag, is this a genuine automotive game-changer?


0:00 Efficiency is magic!
1:24 Meet the Aptera
2:16 How efficient, how much range, how much $$?
4:22 Exterior walkaround
8:34 Skin cooling??
10:04 Interior
11:08 CEO explains the idea behind the car
12:59 No brick-shaped fish!
13:57 Fancy a drive?
15:14 World’s most efficient burnout
17:09 Aptera’s timeline
18:16 How many preorders??
19:46 Concluding thoughts ft ApTENTra

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