An Electric Decade: UK takes the lead with ICE sales phaseout

Robert responds to the positive news today from the UK Government about the ICE sales phaseout announcement.

Big news from Blighty, ahead of next year’s UN Climate Change Conference in Glasgow, Britain is showing its leadership credentials when it comes to Electric Vehicles. We’re excited to confirm that the UK Government will be phasing out new ‘combustion engine’ car sales in 2030, with hybrid combustion engine car sales to follow in 2035.

This is a significant step forward, and if you are a regular viewer of Fully Charged you could be forgiven for cheering from the rafters.But if you’re confused, uncertain or even annoyed, give us a couple of minutes to explain why there is absolutely nothing to be afraid of.

First of all, if you love your combustion engine car, don’t worry, the 2030 date is just for the sale of new cars. Secondly, if you are suspicious of electric cars, as one of the few people who’s driven every EV on sale in the UK, I can confirm that the driving experience is consistently better; and in many cases, much, much better. Thirdly, if you have heard some other things on the grapevine that have put you off, here on Fully Charged we have more than 560 free episodes to enable you to switch with confidence.

For example, studies show that electric cars are categorically cleaner than combustion engine cars, and batteries can be recycled too.

Furthermore, National Grid is on record that even if everyone drives EVs the grid can cope, and with the rapid increase in renewables, is getting cleaner & greener all the time.

There is a lot of choice now and electric cars are getting cheaper all the time, and when it comes to the overall ‘cost of ownership’ you will be pleasantly surprised about how much money you can save.

If you want to know how to start your electric journey, and how to charge at home or on the road, we would recommend our beginners guide.

And no, we don’t believe cars are the answer to every question; far from it!

As a clean energy and electric vehicles channel, we cover everything electric, from bikes to boats, and we advocate for fewer cars, smaller cars, but electric.

So whenever you’re ready, whether it’s now or at the end of 2029, we are here to help!

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