AIWAYS U5 First Drive

Elliot takes the Aiways U5 for a drive to find out if it could be the answer to those looking for a practical and affordable EV.

Is the Aiways U5 the most amazing EV we’ve ever driven? Well, no, but it could it be one of the most practical.

It looks modern and has been designed to be efficient. It might lack the bells and whistles of other more luxurious EVs on the market, but it does everything you need it to for a really good price. Have Aiways hit the nail on the head for designing a practical EV with a decent range that is priced for the masses? You tell us….


0:00 Breath of fresh air
1:17 Challenging look
2:01 Bright & white
2:19 Loads of screens
2:39 Battery & range
3:19 Flat top & bottom
3:33 On the road
3:50 Cost appeal
4:28 European arrivals
4:51 Small start up
5:03 Full of features
5:29 Front bumper
5:57 No need for speed
6:25 Good package
6:39 Smaller batteries
7:14 Back view
7:29 Artificial Intelligence
7:50 Double sun-roof
8:08 Boot space
8:37 Practical
9:04 Subscribe, support & join

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