Affordable EVs? From £3,000 to £30,000

Robert runs through the affordable EVs, both new and used, currently on the market and coming soon in this new episode.

The cost of electric cars and the lack of entry level EVs is a constant source of frustration for those who would like to make the switch to electric but can’t afford to. To help, we’ve created a round up of which EVs are currently available in Europe and the US, both new and pre-owned, that come in under £30,000.

With the promise of cheaper models including a sub-£30k Tesla on the horizon, and a growing second hand EV market, we should see EVs become more and more affordable in the coming years but hopefully this guide might help in the meantime.

If you’re tempted by a pre-owned EV, head to FC Plus for a special episode on the how to buy used EVs with Jonathan Porterfield from Eco-Cars.


0:00 Expensive EVs
1:46 Lack of entry level
2:06 Helpful round-up
2:46 £3-£30k
2:55 Sub £30k Tesla?
3:41 VW offerings
4:09 Skoda Enyaq
4:47 New sub £30k options
6:39 Dacia Spring
7:30 Chinese competition
8:20 Pre-owned EVs
8:27 Jonathan’s top tips
8:40 Sub £20k EVs
11:06 Real range
11:48 Subscribe, support, join

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