A brief history of electric vehicles and oil

In this episode Robert speaks to historian Dan Snow covering a wide range of topics around the history of oil and electric vehicles. Robert Llewellyn enjoys a remote chat with our special guest: historian Dan Snow (History Hit TV), covering the potted history of oil and electric vehicles.

Covering topics including: Britain’s coal reserves and its role a fuel exporter, the whale oil boom in New England coastal towns, the rapid change from horse-drawn to petrol and combustion engine vehicles in the USA, the early success of electric vehicles, then losing the battle with combustion engine vehicles, electric ‘street cars’ or trams (and their dangers!), the oil industry boom in the USA, the place of oil in world conflicts, the impact of fuel crises around the world, especially in the 1970’s & renewable technology developments and its impact on the fossil fuel industry.

Dan’s shows are available here.

Still images featured in this episode

“World’s Busiest Railways” production photo
(copyright Backpack Films)

“Oil Casks, New Bedford, Massachusetts, late 1800s”
(Courtesy of the New Bedford Whaling Museum)

All other images Public domain / Wikipedia

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