£3,400 Electric Car! Would you buy WULING'S MINI EV?

Could Wuling’s Mini EV be the answer to mass adoption of electric cars? We sent Elliot find out in this new episode.

Is the Wuling Hongguang Mini EV the most exciting electric car on the market? Probably not. But what is it about this little box on wheels that has led to it outselling Tesla?

It’s small, it’s cheap but it could also be the answer to mass EV adoption. The tech is basic, the range is on the low side, but for a city car, do you really need much more? Wuling’s ‘Old School meets Electric’ approach with design has led to a simple ‘get in and go’ car that is affordable and practical.

Yes there’s room for improvement, but what’s so important about this car is its potential to allow more people to experience electric and make the switch.

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