$25k Tesla, Cobalt Conundrum & Siberian Solar

Robert looks at some fascinating stories on renewable energy projects as well as rumours of a $25k Tesla in this new episode.

This news episode is simply bursting with recent EV and clean energy questions. How big can a solar farm be in Siberia? Will Apple ever make an electric car? Are Denmark really building a renewable energy island? Could Toyota finally be launching their electric cars outside China? Where will the world’s largest offshore wind plant be built? Are Tesla making a $25k compact Tesla? Oh, and how exactly did Robert attend a recent conference in Africa?

Watch to find out all the answers!

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Links to the stories


0:00 Coming up
0:40 EV Giveaway
1:00 Prizes are global
1:21 Can Biden go electric?
2:52 Siberian solar farm
3:58 Apple EV rumours
4:44 Deny, deny, deny
5:24 $25k Tesla
5:54 Danish energy island
6:36 6 million homes
6:47 Super wind powers
7:52 Toyota triumph?
8:56 Backed the wrong horse
9:24 African conference (at home)
9:50 Benchmark Minerals
10:14 Data & costs
11:08 Energising Africa
12:12 Cobalt conundrum
14:01 Other minerals
14:30 African Gigafactory?
15:33 Thank you Patreons
16:28 That’s all folks

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