New kid on the block

New kid on the block

The eagle eyed viewers may spot a new, and as yet unknown presenter in the recent Fully Charged Nobe episode. So that you’re not left thinking who the hell is that, we thought it wise I write a little note to introduce myself.

Hello lovely Fully Charged audience, I’m Imogen and I’m the newest addition to the presenting line up on The Fully Charged Show!

I have spent the past 11 years in and around the automotive industry wearing a number of different hats, firstly at Jaguar Land Rover and more recently at electric bus and van company, Arrival.

I began that journey as an aerodynamics engineer at Jaguar Land Rover. Nothing could have prepared me for that first day and seeing what was on the other side of that illustrious design studio door. Teams of designers were drawing on fancy looking tablets, minority report-esque screens displayed colourful aerodynamics results, swatches of material adorned the walls and centre stage were rows and rows of full scale model cars being sculpted out of clay. It was mesmerising, and in that moment my love for the automotive industry was truly cemented.

I should caveat that it wasn’t always that glamorous – wind tunnel shifts meant copious amounts of beige carbs and a short stint on the factory line dramatically improved my more colourful vocabulary. Whether it was heels or a hardhat, it was an incredible experience.

However, I soon discovered that actually, I was a terrible engineer. Instead of adding 10mm to a rear bumper to suss out the impact to drag, I was preoccupied by thinking about the mind boggling magic of how a sketch of a car becomes reality at scale. By then the term ACES or Autonomous, Connected, Electric and Shared mobility had emerged and my mind was about to be blown once again. Cars were no longer limited to the realm of Autocar – they were kickstarting a blurring of worlds from energy, infrastructure, different modes of mobility, future cities, new business models and technologies, and in doing so could have the power to reimagine how we live, connect and move.

I started working in technology and innovation communications before jumping ship to electric vehicle company Arrival, where I spent three amazing and chaotic years. Most of my time there was focused on exploring user experience strategy, mobility ecosystems and how automotive companies should collaborate with cities and address things like fair and equitable transportation and environmental justice.

I cannot express how much I love talking, writing and thinking about these topics and imagining the many ways future mobility may unfold. You don’t need to love cars to care. Access to transport in whatever form is what determines whether or not we can access friends, family, food, education and jobs – that is something that impacts every single person on the planet and so we have to make it work as well as possible, for as many people as possible. Access to clean transport, energy and storage and the many opportunities that creates is an essential part of what will make that a reality.

I’ve joined the Fully Charged team because I want to share this passion and contribute to the incredible community the team has built so far. I sincerely sincerely hope I can do a good job!

However, I’m not just a weird transport nerd. Beyond the boring “interests include” (of which mine are disappointingly millennial stereotypes – aka yoga, running, my dog etc etc) here are some other nuggets:

I google at least once a month “how to become a stunt woman”. I have an unhealthy obsession for peanut butter and cereal, I have never lost a game of the cereal box game and I am incapable of walking past a small space and wondering if I could fit in it.

Go easy on me, I cannot wait!

Watch the Nobe episode.

About the author

Imogen Pierce works in sustainable mobility and future technology for Fully Charged. She is an alumni of electric vehicle startup Arrival where she was Head of City Engagement and Integration working with cities to understand, develop and accelerate their future mobility ambitions. Imogen has also worked in Experience Strategy looking at future technology and mobility trends. Prior to Arrival, Imogen was an aerodynamicist at Jaguar Land Rover before running the company’s technology and innovation communications. She can be found on Medium musing and wittering about sustainable mobility.