Podcast 48

Electric Vehicle Myths Busted – FC LIVE 2019

In this live talk at Fully Charged Live on Saturday 9th June, Maddie spoke with three experts about “Electric Vehicles myths busted!”.

So on stage, Maddie welcomes Elinor Chalmers from EVA Scotland, Graeme Cooper from the National Grid, and Euan McTurk from Dukosi. So let’s all get confirmation finally, that EV’s can indeed get wet.

Thank you to all our panelists with this talk, we all hope this particular episode can be shared with your knowledge hungry EV wannabe friends. So why not share this podcast on your favourite social thing and spread the good word, so we don’t have to answer these questions anymore.

Electric Vehicle Myths Busted - FC LIVE 2019
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Podcast 48

December 16, 2019

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