Podcast 225

Liquid Metal With Prof. Donald Sadoway

Donald Sadoway is a prominent scientist renowned for his breakthroughs in materials chemistry and renewable energy. As a professor at MIT, he’s acclaimed for developing the innovative “Liquid Metal Battery,” a potential game-changer in renewable energy storage. Donald’s work has earned him prestigious awards and recognition, including membership in the National Academy of Engineering.

After seeing Donald’s TED talk ‘The Missing Link to Renewable Energy’ from 2011, Robert has been a fan and is very excited to talk to him. They discuss all sorts of future battery technology including Donald’s critical views on solid-state batteries. If you’re a battery nerd, this episode is for you!

You can watch the 2011 TED Talk here.

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Liquid Metal Battery With Prof. Donald Sadoway
The Fully Charged Podcast

Podcast 225

August 29, 2023

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