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Leading cities around the globe have been working to reduce their carbon emissions for many years, and the urgency of this mission will only increase in a post-COVID world.


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The judging panel includes:

Cristina Bu - Judge

Christina Bu

Secretary General

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Christina is Secretary General of the Norwegian EV Association, a role she has had for the last six years. As an expert on electric mobility Christina is frequently meeting with OEMs and advising politicians and governmental bodies from different countries. With an EV market share close to 50 % Norway is leading the way.

Helen Czerski - Judge

Helen Czerski

University College London

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Helen is a physicist, oceanographer, writer and television presenter. She cares deeply about exploring the ideas and challenges in the physical world around us and her own research focuses on the physics of the ocean surface. Having lived and worked all over the world Helen is now based academically at the Department of Mechanical Engineering at University College London.

Ketan Joshi - Judge

Ketan Joshi


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Ketan is a prolific writer, analyst and science communicator focusing on clean energy and climate change. He previously worked in climate and energy for private companies and government agencies, and now writes journalism and commentary from the front lines of climate and energy battles around the world.

Michael Liebreich - Judge

Michael Liebreich

Liebreich Associates

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Michael Liebreich is Chairman and CEO of Liebreich Associates, through which he provides advisory and speaking services, and an experienced angel investor. He is the Founder and Senior Contributor to Bloomberg New Energy Finance, and sits on numerous clean energy, transport and sustainable development advisory bodies.

Robert Llewellyn - Judge

Robert Llewellyn

Fully Charged

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Robert is a British actor, presenter and writer. In 2010, after being blown away by early Electric Cars, Robert launched Fully Charged, a YouTube channel focussing on the future of electric vehicles and clean energy. Fully Charged has exceeded 55 million views around the world. Robert has been acknowledged as ‘Tech Legend’ at the T3 Awards.

Lukas Neckermann - Judge

Lukas Neckermann


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Lukas is Managing Director of Neckermann Strategic Advisors. He has 20 years of leadership experience in the automotive, media, and financial services industries. He is the author of The Mobility Revolution, Corporate Mobility Breakthrough 2020, and Smart Cities, Smart Mobility. Lukas serves as Chief Strategist at Splyt and is a smart cities and smart mobility advisor to many organizations.

Emma Pinchbeck - Judge

Emma Pinchbeck

Energy UK

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Emma is an expert in whole-economy decarbonisation and the energy transition. She is the incoming Chief Executive of Energy UK having previously held the role of Deputy CEO at RenewableUK. Emma holds several board advisory positions, including with Imperial College and Innovate-UK, and is a regular commentator on climate change and renewables in the media.

Dan Caesar - Panel Chair

Dan Caesar

Judging Panel Chair

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Clean Energy promoter since 2005, Electric Car driver since 2015, Dan has 25 years’ experience in digital, events & media. He’s worked with, or on: Accelerating Clean Technologies, Ceres Power, CORGI, Department of Energy & Climate Change, Solar Media; Renewables Roadshow/Awards, Renewable Heat Incentive Roadshow, Energy Storage Alliance, Energy Saving Home, House of the Future & Green Installer Magazine.

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