Solar, Storage & Electric Taxis

Robert visits Dundee to see how they leading the way in EV transport and renewable energy.

Earlier this year Robert Llewellyn visited Dundee, Scotland, to hear how well “the sunniest city in Scotland” is doing in leading the adoption of electric cars, EV taxis, solar electric car charging and even North Sea oil tanker decommissioning!

Later we hosted a Fully Charged Live event at the V&A Museum Dundee.

With contributions from:
Councillor Alan Ross, Dundee City Council
Ellen Hiep, Dutch Electric Vehicle Drivers Association
Fraser Crichton (no relation), Dundee City Council
Ryan Todd, @ToddsEV_Taxis
Justin Meyer, SWARCO eVolt
Dee West, ChargeNet New. Zealand
Dr David Beeton, Founder, Urban Foresight
Elinor Chamlers, EVA Scotland Director

Q. Should there be more electric cars in video games?

A. 21:50