Green Hydrogen at Goodwood

Jonny investigates Green Hydrogen at Goodwood Festival.

This episode is a throwback to an interesting bit of technology that Jonny Smith found on display in the FOS Future Lab whilst filming the incredible feats of the VW I.D. R. at this year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed (July 2019).

Jonny saw an area that seemed to be quiet and not filled with diesel fumes, so he investigated further and this is what he found: Siemens and GeoPura were proudly showing off their ‘Green Hydrogen Fuel Cell Charging System’ and offered Jonny a tour and a romantic glass of “the freshest water in the galaxy”.

“Green Hydrogen production” is so called because it uses excess renewable energy and water (in basic terms using electricity to split the water into Hydrogen and Oxygen). This “Green Hydrogen” can be stored in tanks, effectively a reservoir for the energy captured by solar PV panels or wind turbines (or wave, geothermal or tidal power for that matter).

The tanks of “Green Hydrogen” can then be stored and later fed into a Hydrogen fuel cell charging system that converts the hydrogen into electricity and heat. This clean electricity generation can then be used wherever it’s needed, be that a Motorsport event like the Goodwood Future Lab, domestic homes, caravan parks or even for portable electric car charging stations.

The hydrogen fuel cell technology is far more efficient than even the best combustion engine, and even the waste heat can be put to use.

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