Formula E Training

Jonny experiences the power of the Pininfarina Battista EV hypercar at a training day at the Circuit de Calafat in Spain.

How do you prepare for driving a 1900 hp EV hypercar like the Pininfarina Battista? Automobili Pininfarina & Mahindra Racing offered Fully Charged’s Jonny Smith, and in fact all future owners of the electric hypercar (the most powerful road car ever built?) a training day on the track at Circuit de Calafat in Spain. Here, with the help of Nick Heidfeld, former Formula 1 and current Mahindra Racing Formula-E driver, Jonny gets an idea of the insane power of the electric drive unit at the heart of the Battista.

Firstly in a Tesla Model S P100D, then a GT race spec’d Tesla Model s and finally a GEN 1 Formula-E race car.

He also speaks to Giulio Mosone, Chassis Engineer of Automobili Pininfarina, about the latest developments of the Battista:

  • 1.5 MW
  • 120 kWh
  • 1696 lb/ft torque.
  • Refined front end for improved range
  • New WLTP range calculated as 500 km / 311 miles
  • 1900 hp
  • Sub 2 seconds for 0-62 mph / 0 – 100 km/h