Explaining our change of policy on Youtube advertising

Explaining our change of policy on Youtube advertising

It’s been quite some time since Robert or I wrote a blog, and to be brutally honest it’s been a tough time, not least in terms of what we have and have not been able to film.

And of course we’ve really, really missed your positivity at our LIVE events!

Thankfully, things are opening up on the filming front. We have a special episode coming from South Korea soon, AND we are extremely excited to have a new car presenter joining in July.

As our UK event is OUTSIDE in September, and as almost all of the adult population will be double jabbed by then, it’s shaping up to be a big show; and that’s reflected in surging ticket sales.

But, that’s not the reason we are writing.

Coronavirus has created a number of unforeseen consequences, and the one that might surprise you is how viewing habits have changed.

Evidently, there are exceptions to this rule, but generally YouTube channels have suffered from the increasing choice of high-quality content available, especially on Disney+, Netflix and Prime Video.

After all there is only so much screen-time to go around.

While we love YouTube, we have always been open that to grow our global audience FULLY CHARGED needs to be on YouTube, and on other platform/s as well.

We are continuing to work on this, and we hope to have something to show for those efforts later this year.

However, what we didn’t anticipate is the impact on YouTube itself.

Evidently, in a more competitive market it is trying to maximise its revenue from advertising (Google AdSense) and from paying viewers (YouTube Premium).

While our viewership has held steady at around 2 million views a month, when it comes to larger channels like ours, the YouTube algorithm promotes channels with ads enabled.

Traditionally, we have enabled as few advertisements as possible, as it interrupts the flow of our episodes, and it is with regret that we will be changing this policy from this week onwards.

This is not a financially driven decision – the resultant revenues will be infinitesimally small – it stems from concerns that our episodes will be less shared as a result.

So if you see more adverts please accept our apologies, and remember you can of course skip most of them.

Additionally, if you are served adverts that you don’t think align with FULLY CHARGED please email me via dan@fullycharged.show.

As ever, Robert, myself and the rest of the team are hugely grateful for your support, whether it’s on YouTube, in person, or elsewhere.