Coronavirus: A promise to our viewers

Coronavirus: A promise to our viewers

This is an almost unheard of occasion, where we are unsure of what to say.

We find ourselves in uncharted waters, and it’s OK to admit that that makes us feel more than uncomfortable.

We know too well, that if we say we are alarmed, some will accuse of being alarmists. If we say stay calm, some will accuse of inhabiting a bubble.

But what cannot be argued is that the effect of the virus that’s spreading around the world will, for a very many people, be one of devastation.

Lives will be lost, and livelihoods too, and we won’t downplay the severity of that, because frankly anything we say will be scant consolation.

So during these turbulent times we promise to keep producing episodes, podcasts and other things to look forward to, and we hope that you will forgive us for providing a little positive energy against adversity.

It’s all we’ve got.

Dan Caesar, Managing Director

Things to look forward to:

The energy transition is accelerating, away from fossil fuels, towards clean energy and electric vehicles and we aim to share as much of it as we are able with two episodes and one podcast per week.

While the electric car is the hero of the energy transition, we will continue to cover electric vehicles of all shapes and sizes from cargo bikes to cargo ships, and of course clean technologies, like wind, solar & batteries.

In the coming weeks and months, you can look forward to the following:

  • More regular updates from Robert Llewellyn while he’s self-isolating, and all of the latest Electric Cars.
  • ‘Ask Me Anything’ episodes with Robert, Helen and Maddie.
  • A series with Helen Czerski on ‘Everything you need to know about batteries’.
  • A second series with Maddie Moate, following up on ‘Maddie Goes Electric’ with ‘Maddie’s Electric Home’
  • Series on 2nd Hand Electric Vehicles, Converting cars to Electric and Electric Vans with a few new faces to look forward to.
  • And much more besides.

Beyond that, we will be bringing our award-winning Fully Charged LIVE shows to the USA (April 2021), Europe (September 2021), as well as our rearranged event in the UK (October 2020).

And if that’s not enough to distract you there’s tonnes to see and do over on FullyCharged.Show, and our Guide to Clean Energy & Electric Vehicles is available on Amazon.

With the exception of the LIVE events, and the Guide, all of Fully Charged’s content, including more than 500 YouTube episodes is free to access, and this is as a result of those incredible individuals that contribute through Patreon.