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You might have seen a certain article from our faves at The Sun today...

Here at Fully Cha, Jack buys every car we ever test drive including the Dogood Motors new EV, the Zero! Have a watch of his review of his new motor on our YouTube channel! (link in bio)

*Weirdly enough Fully Charged doesn't buy the vehicles to review them, The Sun just doesn't have Jack's top-notch journalism skills.
Here are some of our favourite moments from our debut at Everything Electric LONDON! What were your best bits from the weekend? Let us know in the comments below 👇 

Missed out on London? We'll be back for round 2 of our UK tour in Harrogate this May for #EverythingElectricNORTH! Get your tickets today! 🎟️ (link in bio)
Well, that's a wrap on Everything Electric LONDON!

Thank you all for an electrifying Easter weekend, all of which couldn't have been achieved without you. We have a few more of our favourite moments to share, so keep your eyes peeled for those! 

Next up... Everything Electric NORTH! ⚡ 
Take a look at what we have in store - LINK IN BIO!
Test drives are really popular today but there’s still some spaces available this afternoon. Book yours now! 

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