Podcast 264

Big, Yellow, Virtual Power Plants! With Gagan Dhillon

Joining Robert on the podcast this week is Gagan Dhillon, Co-Founder at Synop.ai, a Fleet EV Charging Management company that is making huge strides in the V2G and Virtual Power Plant sector.

There are close to half a million school buses across America, doing what school buses do, sitting idle in yards for most of the day. Well, Gagan and the Synop team have spotted an opportunity to make them far more useful by electrifying them and utilising the huge batteries as virtual power plants when they aren’t delivering students to school.

With more than 6000 electric buses already in active service, the tech works and it’s making a big impact. In this podcast Gagan takes Robert through how Synop approach the challenge and deliver optimised charging solutions that are cleaner and greener.

Learn more about Synop here

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Big, Yellow, Virtual Power Plants! With Gagan Dhillon
The Fully Charged Podcast

Podcast 264

April 29, 2024

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