Podcast 224

Two Paths – Toyota’s or Tesla’s? with James Carter

James Carter is a mobility futurist, and thought leader with a LinkedIn following of over 60,000. He has rich experience in Automotive that spans 20 years and 3 different continents. James grew up in rural Australia around cars, raced go-karts and went on to join Toyota Australia following his studies at university.

He now resides in Toronto, Canada. James started Vision Mobility where he currently is the principal consultant in 2016. With the intention of becoming a shining light on ‘New Mobility’ by showing the direction that automotive and transportation will present in the future, with a focus on EVs.

In this episode, Robert and James talk about the debatable growth of hydrogen, Toyota’s short-lived relationship with Tesla, Ford’s EV progression and much more.

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Two Paths – Toyota's or Tesla's? with James Carter
The Fully Charged Podcast

Podcast 224

August 21, 2023

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