Podcast 194

Rogue Traders – The Big Carbon Off-Setting Con with Ketan Joshi

Robert’s podcast guest this week is Ketan Joshi, an Australian Clean Energy researcher & author, currently based in Oslo, Norway. Ketan’s work is focussed on Corporate Net Zero targets and delving deeper into their emissions claims to investigate if they really do stack up.

Covering topics like Carbon Capture & Storage, Carbon Off-setting, how large-scale Manufacturing is delaying the transition to electric by off-setting carbon and not cleaning their act up, and why Australia’s new Government EV policy projections are actually moving backwards!

Ketan takes Robert through this shrouded world of creative accounting, and we get to hear how the numbers get fudged, the targets get missed, and the fossil fuels just keep getting burned!!

Want to find out and learn more about Carbon Capture & Storage (CCS)?

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Corporate Net Zero -Rogue Traders with Ketan Joshi - Podcast 194
The Fully Charged Podcast

Podcast 194

February 6, 2023

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