Podcast 188

Cheaper Teslas? Chinese Threat?

For our last podcast of 2022 Robert wanted to catch up with ‘our man in China’ Elliot, to find out what he’s been up to and get the lowdown on all the local news.

With updates on BYD’s growing dominance, China’s grid capacity challenges, the tough times ahead for Tesla, and how by increasing their use of burning coal China are set to smash their emission targets.

Elliot also shares details on the new ‘largest wind turbine in the World’, and Robert affectionately describes a very popular and cheap EV as being ‘like the box your fridge gets delivered in!’

And finally, Robert and all the whole team at The Fully Charged SHOW hope you’ve enjoyed the podcasts in 2022 and please do stay tuned for more of the same in 2023!

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Cheaper Teslas? Chinese Threat? Podcast 188
The Fully Charged Podcast

Podcast 188

December 20, 2022

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