The end of one era, and the beginning of another

The end of one era, and the beginning of another

I met Jonny Smith many years ago when I was a guest on the Channel 5 series ‘5th Gear’ about electric cars. He was great fun and we got on from the start.

A few years later we visited him at his home and made an episode of Fully Charged about his amazing Flux Capacitor electric dragster.

Then very informally he started making episodes of Fully Charged either with me or solo, and his knowledge of the car industry, his passion for electric cars and his wonderful sense of humour were a brilliant addition to the series.

We then started working with Dr Helen Czerski (we’re doing a lot more with her this year) and of course Maddie Moate, who’s wonderful series about being a new electric car driver is currently being released.

We are also thrilled to have Chelsea Sexton presenting shows from the USA, many more of those to come.

It has always been my intention to have a small team of presenters working on the series and I’ve been really thrilled to work with all of them.

Eventually we hope to have people in China, Australia and mainland Europe to present episodes from those areas.

But occasionally things change and people want to move on and do their own thing and this is the decision Jonny has made.

I’m personally very sad about it because over the few years we have worked together he became a good friend both on and off screen but I completely understand his reasoning.

He will also be working with the wonderful Mark Taylor-Hankins who has also been a Fully Charged stalwart for many years and I wish them both well.

We will soon be adding another presenter, possibly two, to help cover the massive transition to electric power in transport as there is so much going on it’s physically impossible for me to cover everything.

So from all the team at Fully Charged Show, a sincere farewell to Jonny and Mark, and our best wishes on their new ventures.