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Robert Llewellyn talks to David Hunt and Stephen Robinson from the newly formed Fully Charged RECRUITMENT co.

At Fully Charged we’re fortunate to have an incredible team, but we can barely onboard talented individuals fast enough. And it’s not just us.

Cleantech and E-mobility companies are at the beginning of an exceptional demand curve. Demand for something as critical as lithium; talent.

Today, we are delighted to announce the formation of Fully Charged RECRUITMENT, headed by industry expert David Hunt:

“It only takes one person to mobilise a community and to inspire change” – Teyonah Parris.

You just have to see what Robert Llewellyn has done with the Fully Charged SHOW to see that in action. But, I’ve always believed that two minds are better than one, and in this instance, two like-minded brands are better than one!

The Fully Charged SHOW, and the Hyperion Cleantech Group have a shared passion, and a shared mission, to rapidly accelerate the clean mobility and clean energy transitions. Fully Charged have done this through education, entertainment, and evangelism. Sharing stories, technologies, examples of great products, services, companies, and individuals shining a light into the FUD (fear, uncertainty & doubt) and darkness.

At Hyperion we were built on a recognition that for clean technologies to succeed, for great companies to grow and build world changing solutions, they need world class talent. For the last 8 years that’s what we’ve been doing. Working with some of the world’s most innovative cleantech startups and scale ups to bring them leadership and executive talent to help them grow.

But just like the team at Fully Charged we’re impatient. We need to speed up these transitions. It’s long been a frustration that at Hyperion Executive Search our model, our expertise, is in finding brilliant C-Suite ((CEO, COO, CFO etc), VPs, and Heads of departments, and strategically Important early hires. We’re exceptionally good at it. But many people want to have a meaningful career in cleantech who are not yet at that level, or perhaps don’t want to be at that level.

We’re constantly approached by people not yet working in the sector, but would love to do so. In fact, it was that very topic, ‘How to get a Fully Charged career’, that brought me to the stage at Fully Charged LIVE events in the UK and the US, to share my thoughts, suggestions, and expertise. This was the genesis of the idea to create a company that could support the growth of cleantech companies, bringing them amazing talent, and to help find meaningful jobs for individuals either in the sector and wanting to progress, or to find their first cleantech job opportunity.

Fully Charged RECRUITMENT has been formed to do exactly that. The combination of decades of executive search and recruitment experience, real market mastery in the sector, and the scope, reach and mission of the Fully Charged SHOW make, I believe, for a perfect match. Values and mission aligned, and a passion to help more people take control of their sustainable lives, at home and work. Fully Charged RECRUITMENT will launch in earnest in March of 2022, headed by industry insider Stephen Robinson with me (David Hunt) as CEO.

Stephen says ‘For me, enabling the clean energy and mobility transition doesn’t stop at the C-Level, we need to get more and more people into the sector from the many different functions and disciplines that contribute to the growth of a successful cleantech business’. And I fully agree. During February we began recruiting our team of experienced recruiters to join our existing teams, and getting ready to open the doors, and to play our part in accelerating the clean energy and mobility transitions. Our initial focus will be Europe (and for us the UK is always part of Europe). In the coming weeks, we will be sharing more.

We look forward to meeting you in person at the Fully Charged LIVE events in Farnborough and Amsterdam. We can’t wait to get started.

In the meantime, please sign up for the Fully Charged RECRUITMENT newsletter at www.fullychargedrecruitment.com for news and the latest developments and jobs.

You can hear David & Stephen talking to Robert Llewellyn in our brand new podcast.

We love working in this vital sector and we hope to inspire many more people to join the clean energy revolution!


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