Fully Charged LIVE UK update

In proactive response to the evolving threat posed by the global spread of COVID-19, Fully Charged confirms that it will move its highly anticipated Fully Charged LIVE show to the Autumn of 2020. Specifically, to October 30th , 31st & 1st November.

We have been closely monitoring and assessing the impact of the latest developments and health advisories, as well as various travel and entry restrictions, and awaiting clear guidance from the UK Government and Public Health England.

We have made this decision as a result of the World Health Organisation’s declaration that COVID-19 is a pandemic, and on taking into account the specific particularities of the event, such as packed live sessions & thousands of test drives.

Robert Llewellyn, Founder of Fully Charged said:

“We’re very disappointed to have to move the LIVE show due to the unpredictable circumstances unfolding in the UK, and around the world. Clearly, we were really concerned about the close proximity of our audience members in test drives, and in our live theatres. On a positive note, we can say that with seven months until Fully Charged LIVE in the Autumn, there’ll be even more to see and do.”

For those that already have tickets, Fully Charged can confirm that tickets will automatically transfer to the corresponding days in October/November 2020.

Robert Llewellyn released an episode on YouTube to tell the Fully Charged audience about how difficult it had been to reach the decision. Furthermore, Tom Clarke from headline sponsors, LV=General Insurance, had this to say: “Given the current climate we fully support the decision today to postpone Fully Charged LIVE, as attendees health and safety has to be the priority. We look forward to the event in October when we have no doubt it will be bigger and better than ever.”

As well as working to protect those who had purchased tickets, we are also seeking to minimise any possible impact on our other guests, suppliers, exhibitors.

We would like to thank all those from the UK, and a multitude of other countries, who have been preparing over recent months to produce Fully Charged LIVE. We are confident that when it takes place in the Autumn, Fully Charged LIVE will have been worth the wait, and we appreciate your patience during this frustrating time.