The Electric Car Scheme: New EV, Tax Benefit! Really??

In this product showcase we spoke to Thom Groot, CEO and Co-Founder of The Electric Car Scheme (ECS) about ECS’ leading electric vehicle salary sacrifice scheme.

The Electric Car Scheme: New EV, TAX benefit! Really??

The Electric Car Scheme enables staff across the UK to submit a request for a heavily discounted electric car through their employers, in a similar vein to the popular Cycle to Work scheme. This high-demand new staff benefit is a UK Government tax incentive and works via a salary sacrifice scheme. This ends up saving employees between 30-60% on an electric car of their choice. On the scheme, employees can make savings on the full range of electric cars available on the market across lease providers.


Why use The Electric Car Scheme?

For Employees

  • Access lowest prices, widest range and best availability of electric cars – due to our network advantage.
  • An all-inclusive package – we can handle everything from the car itself, to maintenance, servicing, insurance, home charge point, early termination and more.

For Employers

  • Market leading risk protection – we reduce the risk of early termination fees
  • No setup or running costs – our fees are paid from employer tax savings
  • Straightforward reporting – we support your teams with payroll, finance and HMRC compliance.


The Electric Car Scheme

The Electric Car Scheme

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