Personal Electric Transport

Personal Electric Transport

PET is the most experienced micro-mobility dealership in the UK and has been working with e-scooters for four years. It represents newcomers Zero in the UK and is the official UK partner for e-scooter pioneers E-twow as well as stocking many other manufactures. At its new North London showroom and workshop, PET displays a full range of scooters from lightweight last-mile solutions to full-suspension off-road extreme rides.

Over the past five years, we have witnessed exponential growth of micro-mobility in many of the world’s largest cities. E-scooters offer the point-to-point ability of a car or motorcycle with the efficiency and footprint of a bicycle. Like most great ideas, simplicity is at its root – an efficient lithium iron battery packaged in a low step-on deck, bookended by two wheels with at least one hub motor. Add a folding handle bar and you have a simple, cost-effective and lightweight micro-mobility solution that is rapidly replacing countless car journeys in cities across the world.

As well as providing a personal service to its many customers, PET now offers solutions to business wanting to run fleets of personal light vehicles. E-scooters offer a great solution for staff transport on large sites or estates.

PET offers:

  • A comprehensive range of e-scooters chosen by enthusiasts
  • Full after sales support from its two workshops
  • Fleet management solutions