Electric Together

Electric Together

Plug Into Better — Busting the myth that EV’s are unaffordable. Electric Together helps UK drivers calculate the actual running cost of their combustion vehicle and then reveals electric cars that fit their budget.

We calculated that more than 20 new electric cars are cheaper to lease and run than the UK’s most popular car sold in August 2021 – the Ford Puma.

The calculation is based on a typical PCH lease for electric cars and the Puma, with a 48-month term, 6-months deposit and 8,000 miles.

We also took the running costs of electric cars and the Ford Puma into account – the MPG, its VED (car tax), servicing & repair and tyre expense (typically seen in a maintenance agreement, but a cost nonetheless even without a paid plan), and the 8,000 miles per annum driven.

It turns out that the Ford Puma’s running costs are 75% more expensive to run than an electric car.

So, we take those costs across into financing an EV, and suddenly, the monthly cost of owning an EV drops, opening up a wide choice of new electric cars.

Calculate the financing and running costs of your current, or next new combustion car, and see which EVs you could be driving instead.