Delivery of the Zoe was almost perfect

In mid April, I was rescued, not by the RAC, AA or any other breakdown service but by Onto. Strange statement yes, but completely accurate.

For a few months now I had been aiming to change my car and I wanted to remain full EV. The options were scant, but ultimately I managed to sell my car and proceed to lease a new one. There was however a snag with my plan.


Due to delays within manufacturing and chip shortages which we are all by now familiar with, my order had been delayed by a month. Simple, keep my old car for a bit longer, I hear you say, but I was unable to due to a commitment I had already made. So I was going to be stuck without a car, and for my job and my family life, this simply wasn’t an option.

Researching the problem…

I needed a vehicle hire and I found a company called Onto, where you can subscribe to an electric car for a minimum of 1 month, seemingly flexible alternative to owning a car.

This news was created with jubilance in our household. After thrashing out what was needed in terms of range, cabin space and features – we found a great option for us on their website.


We contacted Onto and via their website in about 4 minutes we were signed up and pending approval. The next day, we received approval and we confirmed our vehicle. We chose a Renault Zoe GT 135 in blue.

The next day, everything was confirmed and we were booked in for delivery. Only a couple of days later, it had arrived. A very knowledgable gentleman dropped the car off with a 72% charge and we were ready to use it as our daily runner.


Frustratingly, the charge cards were not in the vehicle. However, it didn’t really matter, as with most EV owners we do 90% of our charging at home overnight. But Onto posted the charge cards the next day, and they delivered on the Saturday – only four days after we received the vehicle. As it turned out, I only used them once, as I had to drive up to Derby c.160 miles, and using a rapid charge was more convenient.


It carried on… No real news to report here, the car was great. I had a courtesy call from one of their representatives to make sure things were running smoothly, which they were and we carried on with the daily trudge of life.

Hetty (my youngest child) loves EVs, especially the Renault Zoe

Hetty (my youngest child) loves EVs, especially the Renault Zoe


My car was ready, only three weeks later than they mentioned and pickup was scheduled with the new EV. So I arranged for the 1 month old Zoe to be picked up in 3 days time at 5pm. On the nose at 5.15pm (traffic) a lovely gentleman (who’s name escapes me) turned up, checked over the vehicle and signed me off.


I really rate this service. Everything is taken care of in one easy payment and the best thing about this whole thing (asides one minor administration error) was that it barely affected me or my family. Thank you Onto. I will whole heartedly recommend you to others who need a service like this in the future.

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Benjamin is a very experienced video editor and filmmaker. With a wealth of varied experience from helping to edit major feature films in the US, BBC News, freelance documentary filmmaker and successful freelance corporate filmmaker and businessman. He decided to settle back in England and host a podcast all about video production, where he first came across Fully Charged.

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Ben Bruton-Cox

July 21, 2021

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