How Does E-biking Improve Employee Productivity?

How Does E-biking Improve Employee Productivity

Should an employer care about how their employees get to work? The answer is YES! Employers should encourage employees to lead active lives and to try and lower their carbon footprint.

Walking or biking to work, as opposed to driving, can boost employee productivity in many ways which is why it is in the employers’ best interests to remodel workplaces and add changing rooms and showers as a way to encourage employees to ride their e-bikes to work. Employers could also encourage active commuting by helping employees acquire motorized bicycle kits to convert regular bikes into e-bikes.

Riding a bike to work in general is great for employee productivity, but e-bikes dominate regular bikes in terms of the wide range of benefits that they offer.

  • E-bikes are pedal-assisted, so anyone can ride including older employees, people with underlying health issues, such as asthma and cardiovascular conditions, and people who are just entering the world of cycling. There is no red tape when it comes to e-biking.
  • E-bikes are way faster than regular bikes and way more flexible than other motorized vehicles.
  • E-bikes allow people to ride through long distances for a record time. Thus, employees who live as far as 5 miles from their workplace can bike to work.

But how else does e-biking improve employee productivity?

1. Improved sleep quality

Employees who sleep well at night are healthier than those who don’t and can maintain high productivity levels throughout the entire day. E-bikes allow you to ride long distances and exert less stress on your body forcing your mind to calm and brain serotonin levels to improve which helps you fall asleep faster, deeper, and for longer periods.

2. Balanced work-leisure dynamic

Workers who can balance their work and personal life are always more productive than those who compromise either of the two for the other.

Riding an e-bike back home from work treats the employee to an enjoyable and effortless ride, which allows them to effectively transition and leave their daily professional preoccupations at work making it easier for them to achieve the elusive work-life balance.

3. E-biking is health optimizing

Reasons why employees don’t exercise can include lack of time and budget for gym subscriptions or preferring not to exercise in a gym., while some people simply don’t like exercising in gyms. When employees take their E-bikes to work they exercise without having to dedicate specific time for exercising.

4. Improved cognitive functions

E-biking is an aerobic exercise and, just like other aerobic activities, it can be quite stimulating for the brain. It can boost the hippocampus structure in the human brain, which basically means increased memory and learning. Bikers also have a higher ability to focus and remain attentive for longer periods.

5. Boosted resilience and stamina

Regular and habitual e-biking keeps your blood pumping and, induced with adrenaline, it increases your muscles’ ability to bond oxygen, expedites new tissue building processes and makes you more flexible. This enables you to stand for long periods, work for long hours, and it can also boost your motor skills.

6. Minimized late days

Other means to commute to work, such as trains or buses can have daily delays and cause employees to arrive late for work. When it comes to biking to work, nothing that can delay your schedule as all you need to do is hop on your e-bike and get to work counteracting any traffic along the way.


Hop on your e-bike and encourage your employees to as well and torch those calories, shake a leg, and stay fit. On top of boosting your productivity at work, you will try something new and exciting, contributing to an overall enhanced quality of life.

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Nora Luiselli

October 2, 2020