Helping drivers when they break down is in our DNA, but did you know we’re at the forefront of supporting EV drivers too?

Ever just made it to a chargepoint only to find it out of order? No problem, we’re ready to help.

We’ve developed a lightweight, built-in emergency charging system for our orange patrol vans. The RAC EV Boost can top up any electric car with enough charge to get you a short distance home or to a nearby working chargepoint. We’re the first UK breakdown company to offer such a solution for EV drivers.

And, if you break down for any other reason, all our expert local patrols are fully equipped to help. If they can’t fix you there and then, our vans are also kitted with our unique All-Wheels-Up recovery system to rescue you without having to wait for a separate tow truck. It’s like having a flatbed in the back of an RAC van.

For complete peace of mind driving an EV, join the number one breakdown company for EVs today.