Osprey Charging Network

Osprey Charging Network

Osprey enable clean transport today for cleaner air tomorrow, by partnering with commercial landlords and local authorities to build and run a national network of accessible, convenient rapid chargers.

Our vision is a world where all road travel is electric, customers can charge easily and rapidly, and future generations can breathe clean air.

We’re achieving this by providing a national network of simple-to-use rapid chargepoints in places where drivers want to spend time and already spend time, accelerating the uptake of low-emission vehicles.

Our 50kW chargers have contactless debit/credit card payment as standard and no membership requirement – they are truly accessible to all drivers, with all three charging standards (CCS, CHAdeMO, AC). Our customers only pay for the electricity they use; there are no connection, transaction or membership fees.

We’re proud to support 100% renewable energy through our electricity supply agreement, and always will.

Osprey offers commercial landlords and local authorities a full turnkey solution, to meet the growing demand from their customers for rapid chargepoints. We fully fund and manage everything, with a profit share arrangement. Diversifying and future-proofing in this way also brings in new footfall with guaranteed dwell time, and fulfils sustainability aims around clean air and decarbonisation.