Octopus Energy

Octopus Energy are doing energy better – for you and for the environment. We believe everyone deserves fair prices for the long term, and we’re using technology and innovation to make this happen.

We’re at the cutting edge of the industry, constantly innovating in a quest to deliver products and services that actually make a difference to customer’s lives. We launched the world’s first time-of-use import tariff, Agile Octopus, letting customers benefit from dynamic, half-hourly pricing. We’ve got Octopus Go, allowing electric vehicle drivers to charge up in a super-cheap off-peak period. For businesses there’s Electric Juice – the first tariffs designed to let electric transport businesses charge up on dynamically-priced green energy. Most recently we introduced Outgoing Octopus, the UK’s first smart import tariff. And, it almost goes without saying, all the electricity we supply is 100% renewable. We’ve been spreading the love in other ways, planting 10,000 native trees in spots chosen by our customers; local schools, charities, community organisations.  With each tree saving on average 2kg of carbon every single year, it’s another step to making a positive impact on the planet, something we’re mindful about in every decision we make. All of this is underpinned by our devotion to delivering fair prices to all for the long term; a million miles away from the “tease and squeeze” tactics of the Big Six.