Kensa Heat Pumps

Kensa Heat Pumps

Kensa Heat Pumps is the country’s largest manufacturer of ground source heat pumps and is pioneering the adoption of this renewable heating technology in the UK.

Ground source heat pumps produce no point-of-use emissions or other pollutants, as they extract sustainable low-temperature solar energy from ground or water sources

As a non-combustion technology, ground source heat pumps are carbon-neutral, improving SAP ratings and delivering carbon savings of up to 70% compared to gas. They also offer exceptional efficiencies, providing plentiful and reliable heating and hot water for low running costs.

The innovative Evo ground source heat pump is Kensa’s newest model, featuring a sleek, modern design and noise reduction technology. Ideal for homeowners wanting to achieve ultra-low carbon developments, its high ErP efficiency rating means it produces much more energy than it consumes from electricity, therefore reducing carbon emissions and heating bills.

Kensa’s small but mighty Shoebox ground source heat pump can be easily installed in small houses, flats and apartments, and it is powerful enough to provide plentiful heating and hot water all year round.