ElectraLink’s Energy Market Data Hub (EMDH) currently supports all the processes of the UK retail energy market. This enables us to deliver data-driven energy networks innovation in support of the mass adoption of electric vehicles.

ElectraLink operates at the heart of the UK energy market, delivering the regulated EMDH to provide innovative, dual fuel governance and data solutions. ElectraLink is the bridge that underpins the transformation of the utility markets and is enabling a data-driven transition towards a smarter, more flexible energy system.

We collect and analyse over a billion messages exchanged between the 270 energy market participants on our EMDH and provide energy market insights to improve market efficiency and facilitate innovation. We can use energy data from the EMDH to help locate electric vehicles at a domestic street level. The Low Carbon Technology Detection project, led by ElectraLink for Western Power Distribution (WPD), and supported by IBM, found 15,000 previously unknown households with electric vehicles and solar panels on WPD’s network, which is 13% more than was previously thought. Projects like this, supported by data solutions such as NetGen – our Low Carbon Technologies generation dataset, will give distribution network operators greater knowledge of where electric cars are charging and enable them to plan for increasing demand on the electricity grid as electric vehicle uptake increases.

With collaboration, innovation and loads of data, we are already supporting the move towards a smarter, more flexible energy system. Electric vehicles afford great opportunities to this new energy world, as smart charging and vehicle-to-grid emerge as key enablers of flexibility and smarter grid management. Data will underpin all of this.

ElectraLink’s EMDH is a digital innovation platform – please get in touch if you would like to innovate with us.