BP Chargemaster

BP Chargemaster - Polar

BP Chargemaster offers a complete solution for EV charging. Smart Homecharge units and the UK’s largest public charging network mean you can rely on us whenever and wherever you charge.

By 2040, BP estimates that there will be 12 million EVs on UK roads, and as many as 300 million EVs globally. BP Chargemaster has been providing a complete range of electric vehicle charging solutions for over 10 years, helping more than 50,000 people make the transition to zero-emission driving.

For drivers who charge at home, our new UK-made smart Homecharge unit will allow you to schedule and remotely control charging sessions, including adjusting the rate of charge. We also offer workplace charging solutions, giving businesses an easy and convenient way to provide charging for their own or employees’ electric vehicles.

We operate Polar, the UK’s largest public charging network, with access to over 7,000 charging points nationwide, including the largest number of 7kW destination chargers, 50kW rapid chargers and are rolling out 150kW ultra-rapid chargers on BP forecourts to enable drivers to charge as quickly as possible.

We are focused on providing great customer service, with an in-house installation team for our home and public charging points, as well as 24/7 customer service.