Zenobē Self-funding Electric Vehicle Fleets – A Breath of Fresh Air

For this new showcase we spoke to Zenobē about how they are using battery storage to power Electric Vehicle fleets.

We spoke to Steven Meersman, Co-Founder at Zenobē, to learn about how they’re making clean power and transport accessible by deploying battery storage in innovative ways, and why this is so important ahead of #COP26 next week.

By financing, designing, building, and managing battery systems, their customers can switch to renewable energy, electric vehicle fleets, and efficient power distribution. By removing financial and operational barriers, Zenobē are accelerating the transition to net zero, tackling the source of rising global temperatures and air pollution.

Zenobē are also giving second lives to their batteries in portable power applications like Extreme E’s races. By thinking of energy like an ecosystem, vital materials, value and carbon are saved.

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