Who Towed the Electric Car?

Join Chelsea Sexton on her road trip bringing the legendary GM EV1 electric car from Tulsa Tech to Fully Charged LIVE in Austin.

Chelsea Sexton, intrepid reporter for the Fully Charged Show, joins the team of EV adventurers who undertook the road trip from Oklahoma to Austin, towing the legendary GM EV1 electric car to the biggest Electric Vehicle & Clean Energy event of the year.

Doug Duke, of the Oklahoma Electric Auto Association, invited Chelsea to join him and a team from Audi to bring this rare electric car (on temporary special loan from Tulsa Technology Centre) to ‘Fully Charged LIVE North America’ at the Circuit of the Americas in Austin, Texas, so that EV enthusiasts could see the “grandfather of modern era EV’s” up close.

Chelsea gives us a guided tour of this historic electric car, made famous by the excellent documentary “Who Killed The Electric Car?”. She shares her memories of it, the impact it had on electric vehicles and the auto industry and shows us some of the innovative features, some of which were adopted by the new era of modern electric cars and some remain unique to this electric car alone.

John Hill, the General Manager of Audi Tulsa, is at the wheel of the Audi e-tron electric SUV for the 500 mile journey from Oklahoma to Austin, effortlessly towing this rare and special car, one of the few surviving models of the General Motor’s notorious 1990’s foray into electric vehicles, also known as the GM Impact. Chelsea also speaks to Cody Thacker, Director of Audi ONE, Audi of America about his affection for this car and what it means for the electric cars of today.

We’d like to say a very big thank you to Doug & the lovely people of the Electric Auto Association, Tulsa Technology Centre, John at Audi Tulsa, Cody and everyone at Audi of America for providing the Audi e-tron. Thank you for making this road trip happen!

Links for topics covered in this episode:
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