What's it like 'living' in a Tesla Model Y?

Jack takes the long-awaited new Tesla Model Y on a camping trip to find out if this spacious new crossover SUV is the best car Tesla has ever made.

On a miserable winter’s day, Jack heads to Wales to do some camping in the new Tesla Model Y. Pitched as the more practical, more spacious sibling to the best-selling Model 3, could this be the ultimate Tesla? Is it so liveable that you can actually live in it? And does a 6’5 man fit lengthways in the boot? All these and many other semi-important questions will be answered.

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0:00 Another day in paradise
0:24 A VERY important new(ish) car
2:30 Building the Tesla bed
5:37 Build quality improved?
7:48 Perks of EV camping
9:03 Infotainment still the best?
10:36 My gripe…
11:33 Answering YOUR questions
15:00 Mistakes were made
16:55 What have we learned?
18:38 Driving impressions
20:05 Where is self-driving?
21:40 The BIGGEST reason to buy one

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