VW’s Zwickau plant – Inside the car factory of the future

Jack gets a rare tour of VW’s remarkable Zwickau plant – the first car factory to completely transition from ICE car production to EV production.

Given that every ICE car factory in the world is going to have to make that very same change in the next few years, this truly is a glimpse into the future – so what exactly can we learn from Zwickau?

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0:00 Glimpse into the future
2:19 Body shop
3:48 Facts and stats
4:32 Money talks
5:50 Hall of batteries
6:19 Assembly line
7:26 Fancy a World Exclusive?
8:31 Robotic production
10:30 Reducing emissions
11:14 Easier to build?
12:49 Escape room training?
14:24 What have we learnt?

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