Hydrogen – what is it good for?!

Robert and Imogen decided to put Hydrogen to the test to see how it stacks up for a whole host of uses from fuel cell vehicles to heating and steel making.

Hydrogen – the answer to our clean energy needs or a terrible idea?! This energy source is as divisive as it is energy dense. In theory clean to use and produce, in reality often embroiled in the fossil fuel industry. However, surely it must be good for something?

Prepare yourself for low rent Phil and Holly….!


0:00 Introduction
1:13 Hydrogen primer
2:01 A little rant
2:56 What is it good for?
4:19 Why is it attractive?
5:19 Energy Storage
5:38 Domestic Heating
6:57 Gas Fired Power Stations
7:35 Aviation
8:29 Fueling Ships
9:19 Big Transport
10:43 Passenger Cars
10:50 Cement and Steel
12:19 Fertiliser
13:30 Loss making stuff
16:03 Concluding thoughts

Useful Links

Michael Liebreich talk at World Hydrogen Congress 2022

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