This Chinese EV Is Going To Be A HUGE HIT In Europe

Elliot takes a look at the brilliant (if unfortunately) named Seal from BYD.

With sleek design inside and out, punchy performance and packing some seriously innovative engineering, this looks to be one of the most complete EVs to come out of China this year.

With first deliveries to Europe scheduled for late ’22, could this be one of the first Chinese electric cars to become a smash hit overseas?


0:00 A BIG step forward
1:08 BYD going global
1:51 Key stats
4:02 Design walkaround
5:23 Price?
6:11 A very posh interior
8:08 Rear seats
8:48 Boot and warranty
9:35 Some engineering geekery
11:06 Just one complaint
12:46 The verdict…

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