This Car Is Winning The Race To FULL Self-Driving

Our China correspondent, Elliot Richards takes a ‘drive’ across a busy city in the new Xpeng P5. Except he won’t be doing much of the driving, because the P5 boasts one of, if not the most advanced self-driving systems in the world.

Adding lidar to the radar/camera setup used by Tesla, is this the closest thing yet to a fully self-driving car?


0:00 Let the car take over
2:01 No bumps or bulges
3:19 Radar vs lidar
4:23 Easy to activate
6:38 Go with the flow
8:01 Tesla comparison
8:41 Cake shopping
9:26 Heavy traffic test
10:52 Round the roundabout
12:33 Blown away
13:42 Mission success

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