The Xpeng G9 Is China’s Answer To The Range Rover!

Elliot finds out if the Xpeng G9 could be China’s answer to the Range Rover.

This week our man in China, Elliot Richards is taking a break from the usual array of small, sensible affordable EVs to show us the latest and greatest creation from Xpeng: The new G9 flagship SUV.

With an outrageous interior, Mercedes-level quality and a price tag that will likely undercut its western rivals, is this the moment China becomes the new king of luxury?


0:00 A bit of a surprise
0:52 Why another SUV?
2:09 Tonnes of tech
3:06 A lot of boot for your buck
4:06 Quite nippy
5:00 In the driving seat
6:03 Bargain luxury
6:53 On the road
9:13 Back view
10:18 Concluding thoughts

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