The secret to safe self-driving cars is buried in your subconscious...

Imogen Pierce visits the perplexing Pearl lab, who are using the power of the brain waves to make safe self-driving cars and scooters.

Your brain is processing 11 MILLION bits of information every second, but us mere mortals are aware of a measly 80, a teeny tiny fraction of the total. So what’s going on with the remaining 10,999,920 and what has this got to do with transport?!

Pearl, a mysterious lab in East London has made it their mission to find out in order to see what clues sit within the subconscious that can make future mobility and cities. We took a look inside to see how the team are using ancient survival techniques, cocktail party effects, light tricks and brain waves to make safer scooters and self-driving cars.


0:27  Introduction
1:26  What is this place?
3:31  The Cocktail Effect?!
6:35  Tricks of the mind for more efficient tech
9:01  Self-driving cars
10:22  A brain hat?!
13:07  Let’s give it a go
16:43  Concluding Remarks

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